Obtained the title of “Civilized and honest Enterprise” of Anyang City;

Conducted the project of the overpass project in Hanlin High School of Yindu District, Anyang City;

Conducted the integrated project of the engineering of design, manufacturing and installation of steel silos for Huaxin Cement (Chenzhou) Co. Ltd.;

Conducted the Series Steel silos Project of Shanghai CITIC (China International Trust Investment Company) Yuanjun Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.. (CITIC Yuanjun Xuyi Port): including
Φ10m×H13m×1 warehouse (dry soil raw materials),
Φ6m×H6m×1 warehouse (dry powder materials),
Φ8m×H14m×1 warehouse (kiln head bran),
Φ8m×H14m×1 warehouse (middle bran),
Φ6m×H4m×1 warehouse (large ceramide),
Φ6m×H11m×1 warehouse (small ceramide),
Φ17m×H23m×4 warehouses (large ceramide),
Φ5m×H18m×6 warehouses (small ceramide),
Φ5m×H15m× 2 warehouses (packaged ceramide)

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