Production Capacity

The annual production capacity of Dazheng Company is over 2 million cubic meters of steel silos and 36,000 tons of steel structures. The diameter of the steel silos can range from 2.8 meters to 30 meters. Single silo storage capacity reaches 20,000 tons. The height of multi-layer steel structure frameworks can reach 50 meters.

The Processing and Installation Equipment of the Company

Dazheng Company has 30 sets of international advanced complete devices of double profiling steel silo construction equipment, including 21 sets of model SM40, 5 sets of model SM30, 7 sets of model SM50 and model SM20 equipment which with independent intellectual property rights, one prefabricated steel silo production line, nearly 100 mechanical processing equipment, 300 various welding machines and 16 plasma cutting machines, silo eaves cutting machines and a number of supporting equipment tools, etc. The main testing tools of the company include total station instruments, theodolites, gradienters, coating thickness meters, etc. Dazheng Company has a steel physical testing room. The excellent equipment have ensured the excellent characters and quality of Dazheng steel silo.

Construction Team

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