Technology Strength

The company has an experienced and highly skilled management team and backbone personnel in technology, production, and sales who are united, cooperative, pragmatic, and efficient. At the same time, the company also has a construction team with rich practical experience, dedication, proactive and pragmatic work attitude, resilience in adversity, emphasis on safety, and civilized manners. Mr. Zheng Zhenhe, the founder of the company, has been engaged in construction installation for over 40 years. He introduced the technology of spiral steel plate warehouses from abroad and organized the production of the first double profiling steel silo in China. The general manager of the company has been in the steel plate warehouse industry for 20 years and is the creator of the calculation program for the wall structure of spiral bite-edge steel plate warehouses, offering unique insights in wall structure calculations. The company’s key technical and construction personnel have been working in this industry for 15 to 20 years and regularly receive professional technical training, demonstrating a strong work ethic and excellent professional skills.

Strong R&D Capability

We attach great importance to scientific research investment, actively cooperate with the domestic and foreign universities and research institutes. We has successively improved and innovated the steel silo’s technology processes and manufacture equipment which imported from Germany. At present, We have been authorized 52 patents for utility models, and 3 for invention. 2 science and technology results and 1 department level science and technology achievement were awarded. Two national industry standards were obtained. Partly edited industry series of books for steel structure.

Quality Assurance And After-Sales Service

Our steel silos not only boast excellent quality but also come with a comprehensive after-sales service system. We firmly believe that with our professional service, we can provide you with an efficient and convenient storage experience.

1. For any projects constructed by our company, within the warranty period of one year, we are responsible for repairing any issues arising from construction quality.

2. After the warranty period expires, we will continue to provide permanent technical support free of charge for any technical issues that may arise during the use of our products. This is to ensure that you have peace of mind and alleviate any concerns or worries you may have during the usage process.

3. If there is a requirement for on-site service, we will respond within 24 hours and provide an estimated arrival time.

4. We will conduct regular follow-up visits to check the usage status of the project and provide long-term tracking service.

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