Integrity Construction of Dazheng Steel Silo Reaches Red List


On May 17, 2022, Anyang City held a press conference on the “Red and Black List” of integrity construction in the second half of 2021, which focused on releasing the list of integrity “red and black lists” published by the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court, Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Municipal Taxation Bureau, and Anyang Customs. The aim was to create an honest, trustworthy, civilized, and harmonious social environment, and to deeply embed the concept of integrity in people’s hearts through cultural construction and publicity and education, truly taking honesty as pride and dishonesty as shame, fulfilling the promise of ‘Anyang people keep their words’, and providing strong moral support and spiritual strength for building a happy and beautiful new Anyang. Anyang Dazheng Steel silo Co., Ltd. has been awarded the titles of “Contract abiding and Credit Valuing Enterprise” and “Civilized and Honest Enterprise” at the provincial and municipal levels for twelve consecutive years.

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